Plant Posting: Thanksgiving Work Schedule

Plant will shutdown for the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday; Thursday and Friday, Nov. 24th and 25th.

This “Plant Notice” is intended to summarize our plant production schedule for the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday. These plans COULD change as business conditions change.

  • There will be NO production scheduled for Thursday and Friday, Nov. 24th and 25th. ALL plant employees will be scheduled OFF for the two holidays.

  • Any employee that may be scheduled to work the Holidays will be notified by their respective Department Manager.

  • Line 2, A/B crews, will be scheduled on Saturday, Nov. 26th as their normal scheduled day.

    • Factory employees who choose to work their normal scheduled crew will be assigned specific work on Nov. 26th. Factory employees who choose not to work will be permitted to request vacation time off. In addition, employees may seek approval from supervisor for reduced hours per shift/crew, and/or pre-approved excused days off without pay. Employees will be required to communicate their intentions for time off with their supervisor in advance. NO overtime will be offered on Nov. 26th for factory employees unless approved by operations manager.

  • Line 1 and Line 2 are scheduled to restart Monday, Nov.28th.

  • IF any questions or concerns, please see your respective Department Managers.

AS ALWAYS, Stay Safe and Be Productive

Plant Posting – Line 2 Crewing



“ALL” Avery Plant Employees


Jon Walsh




             Line 2 Six Day Production Schedule





This “Plant Notice” is written to communicate to ALL employees that the Avery Plant will cease all Line 2 Sunday Production on Sunday, September 11th, 2016 UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

Ø There will be no production scheduled on Line 2 for Sunday, September 11th & Sunday, September 18th

Ø Line 2 employees scheduled to work the 11th and 18th, due to current 7 day schedule, will be given specific assignments pertaining to 5S, PM, clutter removal, and general plant cleaning.

Ø The week of September 19th, 2016 will mark the beginning of the Line 2 – six day production schedule; no Sunday work.

Ø Maintenance Line Mechanics, Line Electricians, Boiler Operators, and Storeroom Attendants will continue to be scheduled on the 7 day schedule which includes scheduled Sundays. 

Ø Line 1 remains on a 3 day per week schedule.

Ø Note: For both lines, IF no production scheduled due to no production requirements, while on the announced schedules, there will be no OT coverage offered for vacancies as employees will have opportunity to be excused off.